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Voice of God







Hi, I’m Katie.


I’m an award-winning British Voice Actor with world-famous clients and a professional Source Connect studio in my beautiful garden.


My background in TV news gives me a unique understanding of what

producers are looking for.


And with an MA in English from Cambridge University, I bring smart,

sophisticated storytelling to every project.


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"Katie’s warmth, sincerity and

persuasive voice inspire trust.

Clients love her versatility and intuition" 

Ally Lang, Head, Maple Street Creative 

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"Katie’s professionalism and 'can do' attitude

are everything you’d want.

Would I hire her again? Damn right I would."

Joan Baker, CEO, Society of Voice Arts and Sciences 

I specialise in medical voiceover and narration.


My clients include GSK, Pfizer and the NHS.

Please email katie@katieflamman.co.uk if I can help you.



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"We were delighted with Katie's performance in Ocean Rift.  Her narration has the perfect balance between authority and affability which is exactly what we were looking for"


Llyr ap Cenydd, Picselica Ltd

Ocean Rift E-learning

"When looking for the right voice to narrate the cherished Roald Dahl stories for ReadingWise, we needed someone who had the range, warmth and magic to capture their genius. Katie delivered wonderfully

on every front"

Jamie Fries


"Katie is a pleasure to work with. Professional, versatile and flexible too. I’d highly recommend her"


Rhiannon Lewis, The Gate Films

Hillarys commercials

"Her tone is bright and her delivery clear with a balance of intelligence and playfulness"

Brett Davey, CEO

Content Creatures ​

"She handled the project with excellent professionalism throughout, from understanding the brief at the outset

to delivering the final voiceovers.

I would strongly recommend Katie"


Richard Hackman, Head of Creative Services,

Graymatter Limited. Volkswagen Financial Services videos


"Very impressed with Katie’s efficient and thorough approach, ensuring everything was spot on for my client’s needs! A pleasure to work with"



Nina Harrison-Bell, Visualise That

Investment Journey video

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"Thank you for your awesome

voice work, Katie!"

Aaron Wood, Slurpy Studios

Shakespeare Educational Animations

"Not only is she very talented, bringing depth and energy to a character,

she is also absolutely fantastic

to work with. I would work with her again in a heartbeat"

Dennis M Miller, InXile Entertainment

The Mage's Tale and The Bard's Tale IV



“Katie’s natural, organic, authentic instinct for the craft

impressed me right out of the gate.

It’s as if she’s been studying acting her whole life.

And she has the heart, mind and talent

that readies her for an abundant career.”

Debra Wilson, Actor, Comedian, Coach, VO Actor, MoCap Actor

I love to play, creating characters and sketches.

My job is a lot of fun.  Improvisation keeps my acting skills sharp.

I performed these 2 minute improv sketches live on social media, in a competition called #improvdareandshare. 

The start/end line was fixed, but the rest was made up on the spot.

... "No way am I putting that in me" ...

 ... "I mean, we are practically family now" ... 

 ... "It definitely didn't look that big last night" ...

..."My mother was an awful woman"

( Just don't mention the C word...)

"Great instincts and fearless... 

an excellent combo"

Scott Parkin

Improvisation Coach and Voice Actor

"Katie brought energy, naturalism and a flair for comedy.

Her professionalism and experience shone through"



Bill Thomas, Audio Drama Director 





I was born in dark, wintry December, but I’ve always preferred the Spring when everything is full of potential, ready to come alive.



Perhaps that’s why I find joy in bringing voiceover projects to life. It’s the same as my love for nurturing seeds in my garden, helping them to grow.



I’ve always been creative. I have an MA in English Literature from Cambridge University, where I spent three years acting (in everything from Shakespeare to musicals) and won the Chaucer Reading Prize for performing in Middle English (not a skill I need very often, but maybe one day...).



After uni, I moved to London, was awarded a postgraduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism, and became a

multi-skilled TV News Producer. I worked at the BBC, ITN and Sky, where I perfected the craft of narration and

storytelling over 7 years. I was a Reporter and Presenter, and later became a Programme Editor and Executive Producer. I gained huge amounts of experience heading up live programmes; I was a key player in the live on-air control room on 9/11.

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When I became a mum, I moved to the countryside and became a full-time Voiceover Artist.

My Sussex studio is just 90 minutes from London and 20 minutes from Gatwick airport.

I carefully cultivate my voiceover skills. I’m always learning - studying with coaches, taking courses, attending conferences, classes, and workshops.









And my career is flourishing. I cherish my clients just as I care for my plants over the seasons. I’m regularly thanked for being efficient, thorough and a pleasure to work with. My clients have complete confidence in my services, which is why so many of them come back to me again and again.


They know I’m fabulous from the ground up.

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Phone: 0044 7980 898907 

UK AGENT: London

Joanna Shiokka, ChatterBox Voices

UK AGENT: Brighton

Emily Dean, Voicefox


Jimmy Cobble, TAG Talent

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